It's been a rough journey for little Jack Hoffman as he battles brain cancer. But he's made some special friends along the way, including the Nebraska Huskers football team. Get your tissues ready, because the roar from this crowd and the players on the field will move you to tears. What a wonderful thing to do for a very special little boy.

According to USA Today, Jack's journey started in April of 2011 when the 5-year-old walked into the kitchen for breakfast. His parents noticed that he was unresponsive. The ooy's usually animated face was blank. The Hoffman's rushed Jack to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a Grand Mal seizure that had lasted 30 minutes.

Doctors moved the child to Children's Hospital in Omaha where, after several more seizures, he was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. Jack's first surgery didn't go as planned, when doctors could only get a portion of the tumor. He needed a second surgery which would be much riskier.

Before that, his Dad decided Jack needed to have something special. So he contacted the Nebraska Huskers coach and asked whether Jack could meet his favorite player, running back Rex Burkhead. Rex was on board, so Jack got a tour of the facility and even challenged him to a race on the field. Jack thanked his hero by giving him a red bracelet that says "Team Jack Pray."

As the little boy underwent surgery and battled his way back to health, the team had a dramatic win in his honor. And when the game was over, they called him to let him know they'd won it for him.

Jack Hoffman is now an internet sensation, after the Huskers put him in pads and a jersey and brought him out during a game. They lined him up and let him go, and all the players on the field followed as Jack ran for a 69-yard touchdown. Needless to say, the crowd went wild! So, get your tissues ready...and watch this amazing moment for a very special little boy...