A  body found in the forest with the only clue being a hat with the name "Chris" sewn on it, a missing mother of five, and one of the most famous alien abductions in history are just some of the mysteries still unsolved in Maine.

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    Ayla Reynolds

    Ayla is one of the most publicized missing persons cases in Maine State history with suspicious circumstances surrounding her father, who reported her missing in 2011, as well as the other adults who were at the home when the child went missing. Blood was found in the home's basement, but Ayla has never been located.

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    Allagash Abductions

    In August of 1976, four men in a canoe on the Allagash Waterway reported being sucked up into a UFO where they were tested by space-beings and then returned to earth with barely any memory of the incident. Their experience is widely known and is featured in multiple books and TV shows.

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    Bernard 'Bunny' Ross Jr.

    After stealing a car in Presque Isle, Bernard Ross Jr. just disappeared. The car was located with no signs of the man. The search for Ross stalled with no clues, and the the case sat cold from 1977 until a recent letter claiming to know what happened to Ross was delivered to the parents of Bernard in 2016. The case remains unsolved.

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    Cathy Moulton

    Cathy was just 16 when she went missing. Not only were the circumstances surrounding her disappearance strange but also the reported sightings that followed. Even though Cathy went missing in Portland there were soon reports of her being seen picking potatoes in Symrna, about 300 miles away.

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    A body was found in Stacyville in the fall of 2010 with the only clue as to who he was being a hat with the name 'Chris' stitched in the front. 'Chris' remains unidentified as no missing persons fitting this description have been reported. Even stranger is the outfit found on the body. The hat doesn't seem to match the rest of the outfit which seems to be too nice to be something worn on a walk in the woods. Also found with the body was a briefcase containing things like water, bug spray, and a sweater.

    Maine Department of Public Safety
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    Jeremy Alex

    Last seen in 2004 in the Belfast area, Jeremy and his story were featured on Investigation Discovery's 'Disappeared' sharing the strange details leading to him vanishing. The last eye witnesses reported strange behavior from the man, and a short time after his disappearance his licence and money began washing up on shore.

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    Joseph Bichrest

    Bichrist was an attorney living in Greenville in 1976 when he and his Jeep vanished. Is it coincidence he vanished around the same time he was having marital problems and was also being investigated by the DA for theft and fraud. Although a credit card of Bichrest's was used a few days after he was last seen, rumors around Greenville say he and his Jeep are in one of the local quarries after being murdered.

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    Kimberly Moreau

    After leaving home with some friends in 1986 Kimberly Moreau was never seen again. Although there are some suspects high on the list, with no body or evidence something happened to her the case has gone cold. Numerous leads have been explored with no positive results and she was declared legally dead in 1993.

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    Rodrick Hotham

    After becoming the subject of an investigation of fraud and a large amount of money theft, Rodrick Hotham disappeared. This is one person on the Maine missing persons list who many believe is still alive, just doesn't want to be found.

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    Virginia Pictou- Noyes

    Virginia traveled from Aroostook County to Bangor in 1993 for a night of partying that ended with her in Eastern Maine Medical Center after apparently being assaulted by her husband. It seems her husband was arrested but made bail, at the same time Virginia frantically told staff at EMMC she needed to get home to her five children and she left the hospital before tests could be completed. The last time she was seen was in a truck stop in Houlton. How she got there, and where she went from there no one knows.