With the Darling's Sun of a Beach Festival almost here, and Toby Keith's concert scheduled for September 2nd, at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion, what better time for the Wold Premiere of 'Too Drunk to Karaoke', with Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith.

That's right, and while you're enjoying one funny video, please get your tickets to Darling's Sun of a Beach Festival, August 11, Bangor Waterfront, on our website. It's bargain priced at $15 per person and $20 the day of the show, so you might as well save the extra five bucks use it to for drinks and food. And don't 'Changes in Latitudes,' the ultimate Jimmy Buffet tribute band will be playing--Calypso Cowboys and Atlantic Clarion Steel band will also be playing.

Here's that great video:

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