Brrrr. It's cold outside. And colder weather is coming later this week.  I got a note from a buddy of mine in Chicago late last night about their weather forecast and it's expected to be 23 below zero there tonight. Now that's cold.  And that's not the wind chill.  It's the temp. Not as cold here thankfully, but still plenty cold. So cold I was thinking about those that work outside in this weather.  Many do it and have a 'that's just the way it is' attitude. So hats off to you. Not literally of course.

Townsquare Media Bangor

The  photo was taken earlier this morning, just down the street from the Q106.5 radio station building in Brewer.  Yes that's someone out when the temp was 2 below zero, watering the ground, so that those who skate on the outdoor rink can do so.  Brrr.  Reminds me of how much my Mother sacrificed when I was a young kid. She always had toddlers around, I come from a family with a lot of kids, and she found time in the evenings in the winter to go out into our back yard and make ice with the garden hose, so we could play our beloved hockey after school and on the weekends. Bless your heart Mom, I appreciate all you did for me and my siblings.  And to you the, I assume, city worker in Brewer, thank you too.  Let's skate.