A Stockton Springs woman accused of abusing and killing her 10-year-old daughter is due to have another child in May.

Sharon Carrillo, along with her husband Julio Carrillo, is charged with depraved and indifference murder for the beating death of her daughter, Marissa Kennedy. The couple has two children, ages 1 and 2, who were removed from the home when Kennedy died. Those children were placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services.Julio was Marissa's step-father.

Julio's defense attorney revealed in court on Wednesday that his client confirmed to him that Sharon is 7 months pregnant, due to give birth in May. With bail set at $500,000 each, it's likely the baby will born while she's in prison. The BDN reports Sharon's attorney, Christopher MacLean, says he's aware of reports of her pregnancy but hasn't confirmed anything. If she does give birth while incarcerated, the child will be placed with relatives or will be taken into state custody.Bail restrictions stipulate that the couple not come into contact with any child younger than 15, so that would be taken into consideration if she were to make bail before giving birth.

The State Medical Examiner determined that Marissa Kennedy had been horribly abused for several months, which ultimately led to her death. Police say the Carrillo's tried to make it look like she had accidentally fallen down some stairs.

Neighbors from when the Carillo's lived in Bangor say that they heard screams coming from the family's apartment and reported it to law enforcement. Bangor Police released a statement yesterday, saying that they were familiar with the couple, but officers never found any evidence of abuse.

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