Okay. It’s Maine.  We got a shot of winter weather for Groundhog Day yesterday. Depending on where you are is the answer to the question how much did we get?  In Bangor, we were on the lower end of the range of expected snow. But we got snow, and it’s not going to melt anytime soon. And we’ll get more in days.

So yes it’s Winter.

What makes it to your list of favorite things about winter?  It’s amazing how many different levels of true involvement we go at winter. Some people top their list of Winter faves with sitting inside the house with a fire going reading a book or watching television.  Maybe there is a pleasant aroma coming from what is baking in the kitchen. Others are outside in the elements hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, running, and who knows what else. Taking the weather by the horns and enjoying it to the utmost of their abilities. The majority of us are happily somewhere in between those extremes. With a lot of us thinking that winter was a whole lot more fun when we were kids.

Maybe there is something that you connect with winter and no other season. You are in the majority of people if you say that one of your favorite joys of winter is a cup of hot chocolate. Aah, when it’s good, it sure is good. Plenty of variations. Some like it straight up. Others like whipped cream or marshmallows with their hot cocoa. However you take it, Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate soon.

Next time when winter hammers us and you’re scraping ice off the windshield of your car, in the darkness of the early morning, as your nose is running, think of a cup of hot chocolate. It’ll help.

Photo, RTimages, ThinkStock
Photo, RTimages, ThinkStock

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