Nope. Me Neither.

But yesterday, that's just what Joan Benoit-Samuealson did. 40 years after her debut at the Boston Marathon, she ran it again. And not only that, pretty much killed it, finishing just about 30 minutes off her debut, all these years later, according to News Center Maine. Whereas, someone like me, is sitting here at this computer just getting tired from thinking about the athleticism it took on her part.

Of course, we Mainers remember her most for bringing home the gold medal, for the very first Women's Marathon at the 1984 Olympics. And at that race, also finished waaaaay ahead of her competition. So she has pretty much been setting the standard for women's running sports for years.

I think most Mainers took great interest in her race that day. I remember as a kid being glued to the television watching the race, rooting for Joan all the way. I think I literally watched the whole race. Which for a ten year old, is a pretty astounding feat unto itself.

At any rate, big congrats to Joan Benoit-Samuelson for still getting out there and being awesome. I'm trying to get up the energy just to go into the kitchen and get the dressing for my salad. And she's out there running marathons. And also reminding the rest of the country, that toughest people come from Maine.

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