This winter has certainly taught me how important it is to follow the National Weather Service. When I get my weather straight from the TV meteorologist, I tend to place blame directly on that person. As though somehow it's their fault. Except for Frankie MacDonald. That guy is gold. And that just isn't fair, not as angry as I'm capable of getting at the TV. So I've been following the Caribou branch of the National Weather Service's Facebook page.

Their post from yesterday was not the stuff that spring dreams are made of. Not at all. Granted, no snow seems to be on the immediate horizon, but the fact that they specifically mentioned that it's not completely out of the picture made me re-think that Easter card I was going to send them, Really? Maybe snow? Argh.....

They're also just nonchalantly throwing it out there that temps for April are expected to be below normal. How is this fair? I know Mother Nature always has her own design for things, but I'm soooo tired of summer not starting til the second week of July. I'm not even asking it to start early, I just want "normal". Feet of snow on the ground in April is just not normal. Well, the new normal maybe.

So I guess we just have to sit back and enjoy some of the warmer temps we have this week, and pretend Spring is in full swing. But if you make the same mistake I did, and look to the pros to tell you what it's gonna look like, try not to cry where people can see you.

Who knows....maybe spring will get here by the time summer rolls around?