In the world of technology nothing should surprise us anymore. When I read this morning that PC sales were on the decline I said to myself, 'Well, whoop-dee-freakin'-doo!' It reminded me of the time that I walked into a Best Buy to look for a CD of an up and coming artist only to realize that CD's in general, and myself included, were dinosaurs--Best Buy had scaled back the music department to an aisle or two.

So what came along that put an arrow into the 'achilles heel' of the PC world? The answer is pretty simple: mobile technology. Smart phones, tablets, etc., if you can carry it around it's going to do well in the computer world. They are fast, stylish, much easier to use, and with Wi-fi hotspots around every corner you can take them just about anywhere and get a connection. You sure as heck can't do that with a desktop computer. Well I suppose you could, but you'll need many hundreds of feet of cable and a strong back.

And although the desktop PC will be around for a little while longer, experts are saying to not get to attached to them.

You can read about it here: PC's On The Decline