Let's be honest; unless your last name is Musk or Zuckerberg, traveling is EXPENSIVE!

If you have a family of more than two, it can be even more overwhelming.

Have you priced a trip to any Disney resort? From here in Maine, let's say you want to take the kids to Florida or California to see the mouse.

A ticket per person is averaged at $150.

You need airfare, hotel stay, food and beverage - are you renting a car?

For a week's vacation, you are already putting down the cost of a family home for a trip of fun for five! YUCK!

So what do we do this summer? How do we give the family a fun getaway (and much-needed) for the summer?

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Fortunately, we don't have to look far and vistnewengland.com has compiled a list of places to "escape" to and visit right in our backyard.

Two Maine destinations made the list of family-friendly vacation spots.

Funtown Splashtown USA

York's Wild Kingdom

Wherever you go, share your photos and experience.

What are your favorite Maine vacation spots? Message us in the app.

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