Jason Stewart from the Q106.5 Afternoon Show,(and many other ventures,) wrote here yesterday about what he’d do with $10 grand. Here is his plan

Reading Jason’s piece actually inspired me to do the same. The reason for my hesitation through all this, after all the contest is over a week old, and we pre promoted it as well, so the time that the contest has been on my mind is over two weeks.  And it’s hard to wrap my head around winning $10 thousand, not just because I can’t win, but because I truly get pleasure when good things happen to other people. Sure I’d love $10,000. Or even $1,000. But have me take a lie detector test to prove it if you will, I really do want you to win.

Maybe you can’t wrap your head around winning, or what you’d do with the money, but the only chance to win is to play. The more of the codes that we give out at the start of each hour between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. that you enter increase your odds of winning.  And it’s easy to enter the words when you hear them.

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Time now for what should You spend the money on.  Thank you for asking, I’m glad to help you spend your new found money. If you hit for the big one, the 10K, you could do many things with the money, but maybe it would be even more satisfying if you did many different things. Celebrate with a fancy dinner.  Go somewhere for a weekend get away.  Of course, pay some bills. Sock away some of it for ‘down the road’. All wise things.  And let's remember doing something for someone else, maybe somebody that you don't even know. We need more good people doing good deeds in today's world.

Give me the money and I’d be looking for a face mask with decorative diamonds, and I’m vaccinated.  Or Toilet paper.  How much toilet paper would 10K buy?  There are strong reasons why I can’t win, and shouldn’t win. No disagreement from me.

Sincerely, good luck. I live to hear you scream Winner, Winner, Winner into my ear. A grand or 10 grand would look good on you.

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