Why see Kenny Chesney from so far away when you can shake his hand?

Because you're a Q106.5 Country Club member, we're giving you a chance to meet this country music superstar up close and personal backstage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion.

So we were wondering: What would you do to meet the man when he comes to Bangor on July 9?  Shave your head? Get a tattoo? Name you first-born child Scott Miller? Sing a Kenny Chesney song at the top of your lungs in West Market Square?

Just send us your ideas (using the form below) this week, and be creative! If we pick yours, be prepared to follow through. We'll be in touch and set up a time when we can get the whole thing on video during the week of June 27.

If you do, you'll get two tickets PLUS two backstage passes to meet Kenny Chesney on July 9!