Tomorrow is a day filled with promise that I personally feel we earned all the way back around Christmas time when the weather was mind-numbingly cold. I'm sure I was not the only one who was dreaming of 80 degree days when it wasn't even hitting single digits. But...tomorrow it may finally happen.

I know if i had the day off tomorrow, I'd be heading out to my camp and start the annual spring cleanup. Sure, the lake still won't be warm enough to offer any relief, but just spending time next to the lake and staring out over the steely blue water is enough to get my mind wandering.

I also thought I'd put it out to Facebook and see what you guys wanted to do on this fine day. Granted, most of will not be fortunate enough to have the day off to enjoy, but it's always fun to window shop right? Here are some of the things you guys wanted to do.

And unfortunately, some folks just have to keep their eyes on the prize no matter how awesome the weather is.

And of course, here's a favorite Maine pastime that we can all relate to, if not wish we were cool enough to participate.

Or let your favorite pet get some sun too! Why should us weirdo humans have all the fun?!

And now that Acadia is open for the season, this option is tops on a lot of folks list.

Really, there's no rules. I won't even judge you if you say your favorite thing is to sit on the couch and just watch the sun shine. But for my money, I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy it. Soon enough 80 degrees will seem like a nice chill summer day after a long stretch of weather in the 90's and the humidity has had a chance to find us.

Until then though, find your bliss, and get out there and make the most of it, because the next day will be 15 degrees cooler with a threat of rain. See? Mother Nature hates us still. Oh well.

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