I am about to spend the weekend in Bethel Maine with a big group of my pals. I am super excited to explore a part of Maine I have never seen before. I am sure I have a weekend full of outdoorsy fun ahead of me. Have you ever been?

According to good ole instagram, these are the kinds of activities people do when they visit Bethel Maine in the Summertime:

Discover Swimming Holes

and jump in while screaming "IM QUEEN OF THE WORLD!" Ok I added that part.

Check Out Sunday River Brewing Company

And try every single kind of beer they have on tap.

Get Some Smokin Good BBQ

Rumor has it their pulled pork is what dreams are made of.

Just Float Around

My kind of activity :)

Eat A Cotton Candy Donut

That just looks like a party for your taste buds.

Rent A Canoe

and embrace my inner Pocahontas.

Enjoy A Gorgeous Sunset

Whoa. It doesn't get more picturesque than this.

Even if my weekend doesn't include all of these activities, that's okay! It is always exciting to explore unknown territory. Am I missing anything I just NEED to do or see? Please advise!