When you set out to drive the roads of the Bangor area or Eastern Maine area, are you plotting the easiest ride? Are you often avoiding particular places that are heavily burdened by traffic and are just a huge pain to navigate?

If so, this is the poll to air your grievances. We want to know which road in the area is in desperate need of a blank slate to create a road system that flows easier to get from point A to point B.

Our list is based on heavily trafficked areas that suffer from weird road planning, multiple one-way streets, a history of accidents, road sections with a ton of stopping and going, and other such headaches that make you want to avoid these roads at all costs.

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If you know side roads like the back of your hand, which ones filter out to those larger arterial avenues or avoid that REALLLLY long light, then we want to know which ones you are trying to avoid.

On our list are a few locations in the City of Bangor that meet all of these criteria but, this is a list for everybody in the area so, if you live near a disaster zone of a heavily trafficked road or suffer from a road that just doesn't work for the traffic that goes through, we are hoping that it is included on the list so you can emphatically click your radial button of choose. Maybe it'll feel a bit cathartic to let your ire be known.

We'll publish the results on Friday, so look out for the results to see how the roads stack up in needing a badly needed makeover.

Here's your time! Vote now!

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