Today is the day. Finally. It will be an absolute treat to not hear any political ads, hopefully for two more years. Have they ever gone at each other like this election? I don’t think so. More radio, t.v., and ads in the mail than ever. And I listen and watch and read those ads and I can’t believe that’s how voters decide who to vote for.

One more bone to pick, has anyone ever decided to vote for someone because they saw a lawn sign at the intersection when they were waiting for a red light to chance? I will say that for some of the local races they might help get some name recognition. Generally, though we know who we’re going to vote for in most categories without ads or signs. Get those signs down first thing tomorrow, if not sooner.

I voted weeks ago. Glad I did but I’m curious how busy the voting locations will be and how everyone will stay socially distanced and safe.

Who knows when we’ll get the results. Not tonight.  Not tomorrow.  Not the tomorrow after that.  But no matter who wins what, all I can hope for is that nobody does crazy things.  I know I’m dreaming when I also wish that we put politics back where it belongs, and not have it run our lives, and divide us thanks to social media. Can we find the common ground that unites us. Live our lives, pursuing happiness for ourselves and our families and our communities and our country. There are so many common things that unite us and don’t have to divide us. Here’s to those uniting things rising to the forefront.

Be safe. And vote today.

Scott Miller Photo
Scott Miller Photo

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