If you were drawn for an adaptive unit moose permit, some important information is going to be discussed this week.

Over the weekend wildlife officials listed those who were selected for moose permits. 3,480 permits were awarded for the upcoming 2021 Maine moose hunt, 345 more than the previous year. This year's hunt will technically total 895 more permits issued than last year when factoring in the Adaptive Unit Hunt.

New this season will be IFW's Adaptive Moose Hunt. The special hunt helps biologists determine if moose density reduction can break or lessen winter tick impacts to moose in Maine. 550 cow permits were issued in a particular area of Zone 4, were the study will be conducted. All the moose harvested in the study area will be analyzed by biologists. To learn more about the Adaptive Unit Moose Hunt, check out our in-depth article.

IFW Moose Biologist Lee Kantar will host an info session on the special hunt Wednesday night at 6:30. The session is virtual via YouTube. Kantar will go over what the Adaptive Hunt is, how it differs from a regular moose hunt, what is required if you participate, and things to consider when planning and hunting in Wildlife Management District 4. Questions will be taken at the end of the session. We embedded the YouTube session above.

You can view the list of all of those selected for 2021 moose permits here.

Successful applicants will be notified via email and by mail in the coming weeks. Applicants will then need to pay for their permits. Permits fees are $53 for Maine residents, and $585 for non-residents.

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