It's trending on Facebook and we want to look into this so called "Free Range Parenting".

Utah has just passed a law, that will go in affect in May, to allow kids to do things without an adult around by redefining the word neglect to all kids to do things without parents being charged, as reported by ABC news.

Some of these things would have been done without a blink of an eye decades ago such as walking to the park alone, walking to school alone, going for a bike ride on your own, etc.

Ages were purposefully left undefined, allowing parents to decide what is appropriate for their children.

Lenore Skenazy started the movement by penning a book on the subject, Free Range Kids.  In the book, Skenazy tells of letting her 9-year-old child take the Subway in New York city on his own.

Skenazy writes in her blog about the Utah decision:

"Loving moms and dads in Utah do not have to worry that they will be arrested or investigated simply for trusting their kids to walk to school, play outside, go to the park. Only 49 states to go!"

What are your thoughts on "Free Range Parenting" or "Free Range Kids"?


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