A couple of days ago we were wondering why Kashi Japanese Cuisine, located at 469 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, had suddenly closed.  Customers this past weekend found the door locked and the lights off when the restaurant was supposed to be open.

It seemed odd that a restaurant that opened only months ago was suddenly padlocked without any word why. Once information got out, it became a hot topic on social media in the Bangor area.

Now we have some information, which many gift card-toting individuals may be very relieved to learn.  Bangor area resident John Chambers was heading over to Elevation Burger when he saw this sign posted in the window of the Kashi restaurant.

Credit: John Chambers via Facebook
Credit: John Chambers via Facebook

John sent Z107.3 this "Reopen Soon" photo as soon it was put on the door, around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Exactly hen it will "reopen soon" and additional details were not specified.

John tells us he is happy to see it reopen. It is certain that many others in the area share the same sentiment.

See our past article about the unexpected and unannounced closing of Kashi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi from earlier this week.

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