Have you ever been watching a movie and a character pops up with a Maine "accent"? It's always horrible. Even people from Maine sound silly when we try to imitate it. I often get the same feeling when I see interpretations of the Maine way of life that folks from away tend to have.

Sometimes they think we all live on sailboats, or others think the winters are nothing but a swirling vortex of ice and sadness. One that constantly gets to me though, is when people automatically associate Maine with lobster. Sure, we love it, we eat it, we make delicious rolls out of it. But most of the time, tourists are the only ones that heavily associate Maine with lobster.

A while back, Adidas contracted several artists to do a running shoe that would represent each state, which were featured in this article. Some of them were really cool. The Arizona shoe was painted with color to look like a desert sunset. Or the California one was designed to look like a sweet beach sunset. And if you read the article, the premise behind the project is awesome. But some of the shoes, not so much.

I reluctantly scrolled toward the Maine one because I could just feel in my bones what was about to happen.....and there it was. This Pepto-pink hue, with plastic lobster claws stuck to the front. Maybe my head sank down a bit, in the same way it does when your 8 year-old nephew burps loudly in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo Credit: Adidas
Photo Credit: Adidas

I appreciate the thought, but when I look at it, I just see a lobster that I wouldn't want to eat. If I had a cooked lobster that color, I'd send it back. Worse, if I saw a live lobster that color, I'd run away. But I suppose that's what you get when flat-landers take a stab at representing the 207.

It could've been a gorgeous pine forest, or a lighthouse, or a moose. But it was just a sad, pink, mutant lobster foot, and that's fine. But if you're going to try and make my feet look like food, make them look like feet that will make me hungry.

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