What the heck were those?

Living in the Bangor area presents a variety of flying machines overhead almost on a daily basis, but what was up with those helicopters yesterday?

The U.S. Marine Corps squadron of five Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey helicopters landed at Bangor International Airport yesterday while on a training mission.  These particular helicopters aren't often seen in our area and their strange shape made more than one person take a double look in an effort to figure out exactly what they were.

The V-22 Osprey can take off vertically and do so very fast, and according to Wikipedia, it has all the benefits of a regular helicopter but can fly much further and much quicker.  It's used for a slew of various military operations, and will even transport the President from time to time to official government functions or to a vacation destination.

Not only do the Marines use these helicopters, but so does the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

Back in 2018, like something straight out of a movie, residents of Stonington were completely amazed when U.S. Marines training a young crew landed their V-22 Osprey at the small rural airport there one day to pick up lobsters for a party back at the base.

Yes, lobsters. Everyone has their priorities.

It was real nice to see these impressive machines fly into Bangor yesterday.  Even though National Guard and other military aircraft may "rattle" us out of bed every now and then early in the morning, it's worth it to know that they're there and to see the aerial show.

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