Tyler Farr's been working hard in the studio with producer Jason Aldean since inking a deal with the superstar's label in early 2019, and now, he's ready to begin sharing the results. Press play to hear "Only Truck in Town," the first song Farr is releasing that Aldean produced.

The new song tells the story of a girl who could have her pick of dates, but always manages to make him feel like the only guy in the room. "When she climbs inside, slides up tight / Says 'Baby, I ain't nothin' but yours tonight / I'm like the only wheels rollin', the only party goin' / The only neon glowin'," he sings in the chorus of the mid-tempo track.

In a behind-the-scenes video showing studio footage of Aldean and Farr cutting the track, Aldean explains that the song is part of a greater album-making process. "We're in the studio cuttin' a brand new Tyler Farr album, and we got about eight songs done for the record so far. We're gonna see how [Farr] feels about it. He feels good about it," Aldean explains in the clip.

Farr previously shared that even though he and Aldean are close friends, and in fact, the country superstar appeared as a groomsman in his wedding, that didn't mean he gave Farr any extra slack in the studio.

"We're that close to where he kinda tells me what's on his mind," Farr told The Boot in 2019. "Like, I'll send him a song I wrote....I'd write a song, get the demo back, shoot it over to him. I know him well enough that if I didn't hear anything back, [I know that] he didn't like it.

"It doesn't hurt my feelings, because I know him," the singer goes on to say. "I think it actually helped, because while we're in the studio, recording and stuff, he didn't cut me any slack."

For his part, Aldean has said that producing the up-and-comer has allowed him to explore new facets of his own musical career. "I never wanna get complacent. I never [wanna be like], 'I'm doing good, my career's doing well.' I wanna feel like I'm branching out and doing different things and pushing myself, a little bit, to try new things," he explained.

In addition to their work together on their current project. Farr and Aldean have teamed up musically in the past. Aldean was a guest performer on Farr's 2015 album, Suffer in Peace, and the two artists have also toured together.

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