A Maine State Trooper saved a resident from losing thousands of dollars, when they fell victim to a phone scam.

The victim told police they had received a phone call informing them that their family member had been involved in an accident out of state. They were then told that person needed bail money and requested that they send it immediately. So the victim, believing the caller was being genuine, sent several thousand dollars in cash via FedEx to the alleged location. Only after the money had been sent did this person realize that it was probably a scam.

They contacted the Maine State Police, and Trooper Cotton went to work, tracking down the money. It took some investigating to find the cash, but it was finally located at a FedEx facility out of state. Cotton was able to stop it from being sent any further, and is now working to get it returned to the victim.

State Police remind residents to be cautious of phone scams like this and, if ever in doubt, contact any local law enforcement agency for help. This is a common scam that pops up in the state from time to time and, unfortunately, is often successful.

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