I must say I haven't seen something like this in all of my years of living in Maine but the Town of Dedham is educating us about this unusual case.

The Town of Dedham posted about a nimble goat on Tuesday that lives in the area and that, apparently, captures a lot of attention from residents and passersby.

Priscilla is her name and the rocky ledge of 1A across from the Town Office in Dedham is her oyster.

There have been plenty of calls about this goat, especially when she grazes near the road along 1A, with the thinking that Ms. Priscilla is a goat on the loose. But the town of Dedham insists she is feral and no more calls need to be called about this independent woman.

Some are questioning whether the goat, which appears to be wearing some kind of collar around its neck, should be at large.

Now we want to watch cute baby goat videos!  Enjoy :)

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