It's that time of year.... People have Spring Cleaning fever right now. Everywhere you go, there's a dumpster in half the driveways, it seems. Folks are cleaning out attics, basements, old closets, dressers... you name it. Have you hit that old linen closet yet? When you do, the Bangor Humane Society would love to reap the benefits of your cleaning.

According to a post on their Facebook page, they have a lot of pets visiting them right now, and are beginning to run out of bedding for their animals. So they're hoping that you might be looking to get rid of some old sheets or blankets, that they might be able to re-purpose as animal bedding.

If you do have some things for them, feel free to drop things off at the Humane Society located at 693 Mt. Hope Avenue in Bangor. Or I'm sure you could send it to them via the mail, if you live a bit out-of-the-way. Or you can always reach out to them at They will definitely appreciate anything you can do to help!

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