Ladies still go 'ga-ga' for actor Tom Cruise. Ever since he hit the screen with the 1983  blockbuster, 'Risky Business,' and let's not forget the 1986 smash, 'Top Gun,' Cruise has been one of the most sought after actors of our time. But how does he manage to stay so young?

Sure, he's still good looking after all these years. As a guy I can admit that. But here's the reality, ladies:  he's 5'-7" and 50 years old! Are you telling me that there's hope for the average dude out there, or does the movie star appeal trump everything?

I jest, of course. And Cruise has shown no signs of slowing down in his old age in soon to be released 'Oblivion.'  And get this, he recently revealed a little secret to his youthful appearance.