The Bangor area is central to the health of a huge population of Maine.  With that in mind we want to give a huge thank you to the Certified Nurses that help our community everyday.  Happy Certified Nurses Day!


My own experience in the maternity ward at Eastern Maine Medical Center always included a team of amazing nurses that saw me at my most painful, elated, defeated and exhausted moments of my life.  I always felt their confidence as a relief to my concerns.

My own experience working as a Medical Assistant at St. Joseph Hospital had me come across some incredible professionals who cared so much for their patients.  Having worked side by side with their nurses, I continually admire their incredible intelligence and bottomless hearts.

Thank to the nurses that are all around us and thank you to the local institutions teaching our next generation of nurses.

It is profound to think about how intelligent and extraordinarily capable our nurses are in the Bangor area.  Give them a thank you and show your appreciation, especially today.

Thank you!!!

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