Who doesn't love the idea of a tiny house?

What's not to love? The concept is particularly hot these days. There's a whole movement geared toward owning less stuff, and reducing your footprint on the planet. I certainly think the little houses look super rad. And so innovative. You start seeing where they put all that stuff in such a tiny space, and it's mind-blowing.

It makes me want to sell everything and move into one. Then I just have to go down into my studio downstairs, and realize that a tiny house could probably fit in there all by itself. So I might not be the best candidate. But again, when you examine how much you actually can fit in a tiny house, it makes you question what's actually necessary.

What about a whole neighborhood of tiny houses?

According to WABI, it's a trend that's sweeping the nation. Not only are some cities around the country embracing the concept, they're encouraging it. With the general cost of living, and the real estate market through the roof in many places, tiny houses are an extremely affordable alternative. Of course, you need to be able to live in such a small space.

Bangor is definitely considering hopping on this trend. If they approve tiny house developments in the city, each one would need to be 400 square feet or less, on a lot that's at least 1000 square feet with room to park a car. Obviously, they would also have to meet all of the city's building and and construction codes.

It's all still in the planning stages at the moment, and will be officially addressed next Tuesday by Bangor's Planning Board.

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