Meet Penelope and Finn. They are a unique couple living in Milford with owner Michelle Ksyniak.

Penelope is a 3-and-a-half-year-old Juliana mini pig, and Finn is the dark colored tiger kitten.

These two were introduced to each other just a few weeks ago but, it looks like they are naturally the best of friends. Video was caught over the weekend showing the bond these two share where Finn sits comfortably on Penelope's back. So casual. So copacetic.

This video shares how two very different beings -- by species, appetite and adorableness -- can live in harmony together.

In her Facebook post of the video shared Sunday, she mentions more about our new best friends' relationship:

These two are inseparable!  Penelope has adjusted to having Finn around just fine. They have snuggled and played with each other pretty much all day.

We asked Michelle a little about how this odd couple came about:

"Growing up I always liked anything that had to do with pigs.," says Michelle.  "As an adult I did a fair amount of research on what is involved in having a pet pig and in February 2017 I drove to NY to pick up Penelope.
We got Finn from Kennebec Valley Humane Society just a couple weeks ago.

Pigs and cats typically get along so, I didn’t foresee any issues.  But, Finn being so tiny and still a baby, I tried to keep them apart for the first week or so- so that Finn could adjust to his new home before meeting her

The minute they met they started hanging out together Finn likes to attack her tail and she likes being scratched so they are a good match for each other."

Michelle said Penelope mainly lives in the house, but she does go outside occasionally.  That being said, she seems so well-mannered, almost makes me want to get a pet pig.

May we learn something from Penelope and Finn -- first of all getting our cuteness quota fulfilled for the day from Facebook but, also, that two very different species can be the best of friends.

Thank you Penelope and Finn for being a little bit of light in this dark world right now.

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