Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that repairs can be expensive. Even the smallest things can cost hundreds of dollars to replace and those costs can be prohibitive to those on tight budgets. So what are you supposed to do when something on vehicle is just too far gone to repair but you don't have the cash to get a reputable place to fix it? In Maine, you just build the damn thing yourself.

Just a custom bumper spotted in Maine from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

Shared on Reddit by MagnusBrickson, take a look at that custom bumper job thrown onto a Toyota. That isn't just some run-of-the-mill patch job either, that's a bumper where someone invested a little time and sweat equity into getting the measurements correct and ensuring the materials would last. Not exactly sure if that would pass a Maine State Inspection, but there are battles to be fought at different times.

Might be a little surprising that the car owner didn't take the extra step and paint the woodwork to match the color of the vehicle. Then again, when you churn out something like with quality, you almost want it to get noticed around town. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what town this photo was taken in, so the mystery vehicle with the log cabin bumper will remain partially anonymous from this point forward.

This does spotlight the point of contention in removing the inspection sticker process in Maine for vehicles less than 20 years old. This vehicle clearly isn't two decades old but probably should be operating with a wooden front bumper either. Makes you think.

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