Last winter, I told you guys about a young man from Dixmont who basically took a riding lawn mower and mounted snowmobile skis to the front of it, and the thing actually ran quite well. I'd never seen anything quite like that monstrosity before, and Caleb found himself at the center of a small media blitz.

In fact, a little later on, he sent us video of the thing in action. It was crazy to watch. I think my favorite part is right at the very end, when he has it right up on one wheel and a ski, but manages to hop off before he goes over with it. "Rodney" as Caleb called it, really is quite the feat of Yankee ingenuity.

Well, as I was cruising through Facebook Marketplace, I came across this beauty down in Old Orchard. It basically took the Mow-Mobile one step further, and had special tracks installed in it too, pretty much completing the transformation of the lawn mower into a snowmobile. And I love that this person calls it a Snow Donkey. It's somehow very fitting.

Photo via Facebook Marketplace
Photo via Facebook Marketplace

You can own this sweet piece for the low, low price of just $1200. But let's be real, if you do that, you will have to deal with the consequences of having the coolest yard/trail vehicle in your neighborhood. Maybe even your whole town. I know that's what happened to Caleb Springer. He was on the news, we talked about him....he even got a job offer because of all the publicity!

So consider it carefully before you choose you up your coolness factor by so much. Some people can't handle that kind of responsibility. Not to mention you'll need to figure out how to drive this mean machine. But I bet you'll figure it out.

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