If you don't have your own story about pulling ticks off of you, or your pet, or your children, you may be one the luckiest people in the entire state of Maine right now. You can't cruise Facebook, or just about any other kind of social media right now, without reading about someone's awful exploits with ticks.

But, according to an article on NPR.org, there is definitely some help! There is a chemical out there called permethrin. What it does, in reality, is mimic the smell of the flower, chrysanthemum. In concentrated amounts, not only does it pretty much dope the ticks up to the point of unconsciousness, it will cause them to ultimately die.

The chemical is not really a new discovery in the world of tick prevention, the military has been using it for years, but it's one most folks don't know that they can take care of themselves, with the greatest of ease. All the way from DIY, to complete Lazy Town, population: you.

It can be purchased online quite easily from Amazon, etc. But you can also buy clothing that has the chemical already added to it. Many outdoorsy-type websites carry socks and shirts, and such that are ready to keep the ticks off you.

You can also purchase the spray yourself and treat your own clothing. It's advised that you stand back about 6-8 inches away while you apply it. Folks often use it in conjunction with DEET sprays and lotions on their skin for an extra layer of protection.

So, it seems you can actually do something about the stupid, little jerks. As bad as it seems it's gotten, every little bit of help, is one less tick bite you might get, and all the horrible ramifications that come along with it. Because I'd certainly rather wear chemically treated clothes, than give up steak!



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