Because we love our listeners and want everyone to be safe, we're cutting our fundraising visit in Hermon short tonight. But please call your donations in on our studio line, 991-9500!

Jim and I just drove in from Orrington and the roads are no fun at all. We passed a huge line of cars and trucks on the hill heading into Orrington, with two vehicles at the head of the line that just couldn't make it up the slope. We've heard reports of cars off the road, rollovers, and accidents.

So, we all put our heads together and decided that it would be irresponsible to ask our listeners to come visit us at Danforth's in Hermon to make a donation. And we weren't comfortable, even, with asking the airstaff to do it!

The new plan is this: Scott's going to hang out at Danforth's until 7:00, and I'm on the air in the studio with Erik, helping him with the phones. Please, please, if you were planning to stop by Danforth's to make a donation tonight, call us at 991-9500 and we'll take your information. Once the ride is done, we'll send you a letter that will tell you how to make your donation.

We apologize for this last minute change-of-plan, but we love our listeners and want all of you to be safe tonight. Thanks for understanding!

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