According to WGME, some Maine residents have cash coming their way. The Office of the Maine State Treasurer has $249 million dollars in unclaimed money.

Money that has been considered lost or abandoned, and when the owner can't be located, is considered to be unclaimed property.

Here are some details:

  • $629 smackers is the average claim amount, that's a lot of shoes!
  • In 2018 the amount actually paid in FU claims was 18.5 million
  • the total amount of money in the unclaimed property fund is $249 million
  • there are 800,000 property listings

Unclaimed money comes from stocks and dividends, bank accounts, old utility accounts, uncashed checks, insurance payments and policies- stuff like that.

Want to know if you have money waiting for you?

Click onto:

I just checked it out myself, no luck here, but there's hundreds of millions waiting to be claimed. It's worth your time to look!

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