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People with disabilities are just that; people. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the fun, freedom and camaraderie summer camp in Maine offers. Equally important is the rest care providers receive by knowing their camper is enjoying fun with peers, under appropriate supervision and the summer sun.

The Q 106.5 Annual Pine Tree Camp Ride-In is THIS Saturday and Q 106.5 DJ Cindy Campbell says she'll never notice all those eggs you've put in her suit!  Well, maybe that's not exactly the case, but she really doesn't mind the sloppy, stinky, foolishness because it's the kids that matter to Cindy and the entire Q 106.5 fund raising, egg-cracking team! They've been doing the ride-in for years in snow, sleet, hail, and in some instances no snow! They've even encountered fire hydrants, right Cindy?

We hope you'll take this opportunity to show your support for children and adults served by the Pine Tree Camp and join our team with a pledge. (207) 991-9500. Be sure to check back in with us on Q106.5 for Pine Tree Camp Ride-In updates and highlights! (207) 991-9500.