I swear, when I was a kid, you could literally do anything. We used to run in fields with no real worry of ticks, we'd never even heard of mosquitoes carrying anything but annoyance, and we certainly never had to worry about deer making us sick. But this is 2019, and all that has changed.

Between weaponized ticks, and Brown Tail Moth caterpillars, it should come as no complete surprise, that now deer are trying to get us back, with Mother Nature's help of course.

WABI - TV5 tells a story of a man in Michigan who contracted tuberculosis, after having absolutely no exposure to it from another human being. It was decided that it happened on his deer hunt. So the Center for Disease Control wanted to get the word out as quickly as possble and remind folks of the most basic rules.

Mostly, don't handle any of the raw meat, especially when field dressing, without proper personal protective gear. Like rubber gloves, and probably safety glasses wouldn't hurt. Maybe this has been a possibility for years, andf it's the first I heard about it, but it just seems downright nuts.

So hunters take note, this could be possible here in Maine too. So definitely take the necessary precautions. I'd hate to see anyone get sick from doing what they love most. And I've worked in the food service industry long enough to know that no good comes from handling raw meat bare-handed anyway.

Otherwise, good luck to all hunters this season. And yes, I do accept gifts. Hahahaha!!!

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