Home schooling and distance learning  has certainly helped us to appreciate teachers more than ever. It's not an easy gig. And that's without the pandemic and so much done via Zoom.

That was the inspiration for the Q106.5 Salutes Teachers feature we did. And thanks to Harvest Moon Deli for stepping up and giving us two $150 gift cards to their restaurants, one to give to the person who nominated their teacher and one card for the teacher.

We got dozens and dozens of entries, and remember the rules were it wasn't a competition.  We just wanted to recognize teachers and let them know we get that what they're going through isn't easy, and they are appreciated for their efforts each and every day. It was just a random selection of one entry. The entry was from Mya who says Mrs Davis was her preschool teacher at U Maine Children's Center and has been working there for 18 years now. She sincerely cares about all her students and even made it a point to read to her pre-schoolers during quarantine and always puts others before herself. She deserves this more than anyone! Nicely said.

Almost each entry was moving. If I may, allow me to share some of the comments for the teachers they were nominating.

  • "She will do everything in her power to help her students. She puts them before herself"
  • "She was a mentor to other teachers new and veterans and helped me become a parent advocate. We still keep in touch"
  • "Best teacher ever"
  • "A dedicated teacher to both her kids a school, and at home, going above and beyond to ensure everyone has the chance to succeed as a student and as a person"
  • "Very compassionate, love soul, and an amazing teacher"
  • "She has a way of showing her students past and present how important and special they are"
  • "Helped my son academically along with socially and emotionally"
  • "She put her whole heart into her classroom. She juggles so much and does so like a pro."

You get the point. Each letter written with thought and admiration. Thank you all for taking the time to send in the notes. Teachers. One more thing we can be thankful for on Thursday. And everyday.

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