Do you know what 'puffing' is? I bet you have done it - and lucky you, it's legal in Maine.

What is 'puffing'?

According to

Some car thieves refer to the practice of leaving a vehicle running while unattended “puffing.” The word “puffing” refers to the puffs of steam that often emanate from a car's exhaust on a cold morning as it warms up. Car thieves look for cars that are “puffing” because they literally have to do nothing more than walk up and drive away.

It's illegal to leave your car running in  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Carolina.



You can be ticketed. People are ticketed all the time. The laws are 'anti-theft' laws. I mean I get it, but I do this all the time! I suppose I shouldn't confess that.

According to Maine's DMV:

When you leave your motor vehicle unattended, it's best to:

  • Turn off the engine
  • Lock the ignition
  • Set the brakes
  • Remove the key

Okay...but for now, it's not illegal to warm up your car. Thank God...

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