Back when I was an angsty teenager back in the day, my friends and I would often hang out in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Not doing anything destructive, just skateboarding, or walking around. We used to make up back stories for all the people buried there. Most were hilarious. I can't really remember any of them specifically, but I do remember spending lots of time there.

Later, like most budding heavy metal musicians in the 90's, some of my first band photos were also taken there. And I've seen countless other local bands around here do the same. I mean, it really is one of the coolest spots in town, if you're not gently creeped out by the fact that it's a graveyard.

Maybe you had some similar experiences in your youth, or even as an adult, but haven't figured out a decent reason to go hang out there again. Some people feel weird just parking and walking around a graveyard. Next Saturday though, it's time to give up on the creepy feelings, and enjoy some time outdoors on the Mt. Hope walking tour!

Next Saturday, June 2nd, the Bangor Historical Society will be hosting a guided walking tour through the cemetery. You'll get to cover a large swath of the over 300 acres that make up the cemetery. Plus, learn all sorts of cool historical facts about America's second oldest cemetery.

Built in 1834, Mt. Hope was designed by Charles G Bryant, a well respected architect, who believed strongly in making cemeteries green garden spaces that combat the spreading urban landscape. All that foresight, even back then. However, it's just that kind of care in design that makes it the amazing spot it is today.

The tour goes from 6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m., beginning at the superintendent's house in the cemetery, located at 1048 State Street in Bangor. Come on out!

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