Paul Bunyan

The Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Maine was given to the city in 1959 to help celebrate the city's 125th anniversary. The birth certificate of the legendary logger actually resides in Bangor City Hall. Many cities and towns have laid claim to Bunyan's legacy, but here in Bangor, we like to write about the big guy, the statue of whom still towers over Main Street.

A Better Bunyan?
Of course we love our large lumberjack in Bangor, but after reading some reviews about the attraction we came up with 5 ways we could make our Bunyan better.
Should Bangor Move Bunyan?
The other day we shared with you The Most Brutal TripAdviser Reviews Of Bangor's Paul Bunyan Statue. While digging through all those nasty reviews, we took notice of a common theme.
Fibs we tell tourists
While we don't encourage lying, here are some fun fibs to tell people from away visiting the Queen City this summer. Like who the big pencil at Webb's RV actually belongs to, or how we make the Kenduskeag rise and lower.

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