One More Sleep 'Til Christmas
The shopping is done, the wrapping is nearly done, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the kids are waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. It's the one night of the year that children want to go to bed early, as we tell our children "Santa won't come if you're not asleep"  As I  grew up, The Muppets were as much a part of Christmas, as Rudolph & Frosty are, so enjoy
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
It's Christmas Eve, and the Jolly Old Elf, Santa Claus has already begun his trip around the world, spreading joy to good little girls & boys! Our friends at NORAD, The North American Aerospace Defense Command, have focused their efforts on St. Nick today, and you can follow his journey here!
Rudolph Revisited [VIDEO]
The family favorite Christmas tale of 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year, and I can honestly say, it doesn't feel like Christmas with watching it at least once a year. In the classic show, Burl Ives narrates the story of the trials and successes of Rudolph...jump to today, and 'Rudolph Revisited' is narrated by none other than 'Larry the Cable Guy!' And
Christmas on the Radio
Christmas Eve is a time to finally relax, enjoy family and friends...and then sit back look around at the Magic of Christmas. Memories of my childhood come pouring back as Christmas Eve was a time when our home was filled with family & friends, food, the feeling of Christmas...and of course Music. The tree staying lit all night long so Santa could see where he needed to go, and the radio also
Teddy Loves Christmas [VIDEO]
Teddy the talking porcupine, finds his favorite treat among the Christmas presents. Listen carefully and hear him say "Santa!" See how a few humble ears of corn brings "Joy to the World!"
Bar Harbor Flash Mob [VIDEO]
A flash mob struck at the Bar Harbor Hannaford last week, just in time for Christmas! Where else but in Bar Harbor would you find ukuleles, mandolins and more along with singers singing "Feliz Navidad, I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas"...
Carol of the Bells [VIDEO]
Growing up, the Muppet Show was a staple in our house. Characters like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozie Bear and others including the heckling old gentlemen in the upper balcony were as big then as Sponge Bob Squarepants is to kids today! Christmas was no different, as the Muppets could always put a twist on a Christmas Classic. Watch as the 3 hardest to understand characters from the show, The
How Much Should Santa Make?
I'm not sure if anyone has ever truly asked this question, or tried to figure it out before...but what should the guy in the bright red suit, that delivers toys to all boys and girls all over the word in one night, while dealing with 9 reindeer...and elves, by Christmas Eve the Elves must be ready for a vacation and more than their share of cranky! So what did this survey say Santa Claus should ea
Final Weekend for the Feztival
When you walk in the doors of the Anah Shrine Center on Main Street in Bangor, be prepared to be put in the Christmas Spirit! Today at 10 am, the 3rd Annual Feztival of Trees will open to the public for the Final 3 Days with nearly 70 fully decorated and gifted trees for you to browse through, and choose which one you'd most like to adorn your home this holiday season!

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