Baxter State Park

The 'Maine' Poll
Maine, the state we live in is known as 'Vacationland'. Many of us look outside of this great state as we plan our summer getaways, but after spending some time this past weekend in the Rockland/Rockport area, why not spend some time looking close to home, in Maine!
JR Reveals his Country Roots
I grew up in the small town of Millinocket, just about an hour north of here, where Baxter State Park was the back drop of my childhood, and country music, as much as I didn't want to admit back then, was very firmly planted in my life!
Lost On a Mountain in Maine (TRAILER)
Growing up in Millinocket, the Donn Fendler story was one that we all heard, knew and were amazed by! Donn would often return to Millinocket talking to local school children, and when he spoke of his ordeal back in 1939, everyone listened to this folk hero! Now, 73 years later, the story of Donn Fen…