A suspect has been arrested in connection with more than 10 other robberies in the Greater Portland area since March 20th.

Now, police are investigating to determine whether 38-year-old Travis Card is connected to any of the other crimes. Card was taken into custody on Friday morning, as he was driving to work with his brother. Police say he has a history of theft and burglary convictions. He's suspected of robbing the Gulf Mart on Bridgton Avenue in Westbrook on April 6th.

The Portland Press Herald reports, Card had been living with his father, and so investigators conducted a search of his father's house. Seized in that search were a BB gun, several pairs of gloves, a black hooded sweatshirt, and other items possibly related to the crimes. However, Card's father told the PPH that, when his son called from jail, he told him that police have the wrong guy. Card has been living with his father in recent weeks, due to some marital problems. He has two children and a wife who live in Windham.

Police aren't saying what led to them to Card or what the specific charges are against him, as they continue to investigate. Last week, Gorham Police arrested a suspect in an armed robbery at Domino's Pizza.

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