Sunny Sweeney's first charting single, "From a Table Away," finds Sweeney playing the "other woman" and confronting her lover after she sees him out with his wife: "It doesn't matter what you say / I saw it all / From a table away," she tells him.

Written by Sweeney with Bob DiPiero and Karyn Rochelle, "From a Table Away" was originally released in June of 2010, as the first single from Sweeney's Concrete album. About six moths later, in January of 2011, it landed on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100, and in March of that year, it peaked at No. 10 on the country charts.

Below, DiPiero recalls the story behind "From a Table Away," in his own words.

[We were] at a BMI Awards dinner. Sunny and I had been talking and talking about writing. That night, we talked about it again. She gave me her number, and I gave her my number. Karyn and I met with Sunny some time later.

The song was written from the other woman's perspective, and nobody's setting somebody's car on fire or gouging keys into a paint job ... It's all emotions happening at that moment. That's what I love so much about this song: It's almost like a conversation. And it's country, in a day where a lot of female artists are not so country anymore. I find that refreshing ...

Sunny is just the real thing. She is Sunny Sweeney when she wakes up, and she is Sunny Sweeney when she goes to bed. It's not like she puts on a persona. Her vocals and her writing style is that. As a writer, it really makes it easy to find a place to go musically and lyrically.

I wish every writing session would go like the first Sunny Sweeney / Karyn Rochelle writing session. Everything just flowed without struggle.

This story was originally written by Alanna Conaway, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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