Maine Surfers

Who knew Maine had a surfing community? I never did until my husband introduced me to it.

Surfing is a way of life for my husband who grew up on the New Jersey shore. He tells stories of sitting on his board there, and watching dolphins swim by. Or surfing until he was exhausted and then just lying on the beach, watching the sunset. It all sounded great, but I honestly didn't think surfing could happen in Maine. I mean...rocky coast....really cold couldn't be done. Right?

Wrong. There are actually many surfers in the state, who take to the Southern Maine coast for their sport, where beautiful beaches meet open ocean. And these are true Mainers. Hearty folk who can still be found on the waves when most of us are huddled around wood stoves. This weekend was a godsend, with summer-like temperatures and high surf activity. Jim says the Jersey surfers have it a little easier, where the water stays warmer longer. But the surfers in Maine have as much passion for the sport as their southern counterparts, despite the chillier temperatures. We spent two days on a beach, with Jim in the water, and me on the shore with my trusty camera.

I got some cool pictures while I walked along the sand, of surfers, birds, an awesome 'shack' made of driftwood, and a sailboat that was riding the wind the way the surfers were riding the waves. These are just a few of the hundreds of shots I took. It was hard to stop snapping pictures with so much beauty surrounding me. I love living in Maine.

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