Sugarland is taking a break allowing Jennifer Nettles to release a solo album. Now it's Kristian Bush's turn.

Bush wrote a note on his website to let all of his fans know of his plans. "Now it is time to start something new," he writes. "I am excited -- and a little nervous -- to announce that beginning this week, I am officially putting the finishing touches on my debut solo album."

Bush describes all of his solo songwriting ventures on his site which includes a weekly musing. On Music Monday, the singer-songwriter shares something he's written. This is where he's getting the music for his upcoming album.

"From 300 songs, I have chosen 15; the next step is to get that down to 12," Bush explains. "The songs need mixing and mastering; there are new sounds to be added and maybe new vocals to be sung. And then there is everything that goes along with an album release: I need to choose a title, and a single, and take new photos, and design the album art, and figure out the sequencing, and introduce the music to my friends at radio, and play more live shows."

If you're going to check out one of Bush's solo shows, you may be lucky enough to hear some of the new music. Check out a list of his shows at his official website.

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