Maine State Police are urging drivers to slow down and take it easy this morning, as roads are slick.

Troopers are dealing with a tractor trailer that's off the road at mile 137 northbound in Clinton, where a snow squall is causing already icy roads to become treacherous. Yesterday's slush has been plowed and frozen into strips of icy pavement that's causing problems for drivers. Speed limits on I-95 have been reduced to 45 mph, during the morning commute, to try and avoid more crashes like this one.

The Department of Transportation's 511 website is a good resource to check before heading out on the interstate today. The site reports reduced speed limits and accidents that could cause your commute to take longer.

Another good site, if you have a little time before you have to leave, is the Maine Weather/Road Conditions Report Facebook page. On this site, you can list the exact route you're planning to take, and other members can respond with conditions. I check these sites often during the winter and find them very helpful.

Use your best winter driving skills today and have a safe driving day. Remember to take it slow, don't tailgate, and give yourself plenty of time to stop, especially at intersections.

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