If you're an experienced citizen of Maine like all of us here at Q-106.5, then you would certainly remember a locally produced television show called, 'Stacey's Country Jamboree.'

The show began in the early 70's and ran late nights on Saturday until 1984 on the local ABC affiliate, WVII-TV. And no doubt you'd remember the laid back host of the show, a man with heart of gold...Charlie Tenan. Well, it's a sad time in Maine country music history as Charlie went home to the Lord on November 8, at the age of 81. He will be missed, but he left some memories that are now part of hearts, and some of which were archived in a video collection.

With finesse, patience, and little bit of Maine down-home humor, Charlie would introduce hundreds of aspiring musical guests through the years--some very good, and some, let's say needed a bit more practice and a couple less brews. But that's what made the show so much fun to watch. I loved it, as did thousands of others in Maine and Canada. Quite often bus loads of fans made the journey from New Brunswick to attend a taping or two of the show. Some came with guitar in hand, vocal cords warmed up, and plenty of courage to take the stage in front of television cameras .

And some of the guests became regulars too. I mean, who could ever forget the likes of the late, Jennie Shontell, singing, 'On the Wings of a Snow White Dove,' a song made famous by Ferlin Husky many years ago. And what about Harry Stockley, Jeff Simon, and countless others that entertained us each week? Let's not forget that Charlie Tenan was a great talent himself, both on the guitar and vocally.

Oh, what fun times those were. It was great to tune in late Saturday night after an evening of dance and libations with friends. There were some of us that just couldn't wait to watch Dick Stacey do one of his stand-up commercials on the fly boldly stating, "These hands smell gassy!" Remember?

Little by little we're slowly losing bits and pieces of Maine's country music history as wonderful people like Charlie Tenan pass on.

Our condolences to Charlie's family and close friends. It's always hard to say goodbye. Thanks for the good times, Charlie, you will never be forgotten.