Brewer city officials say some voters mistakenly received absentee ballots for a neighboring district.

It's been a huge year for absentee balloting, which has put a strain on some municipalities, as they try to keep up with the demand. In Brewer, that challenge resulted in some people receiving the wrong ballot. Part of Brewer sits in Legislative District 128, while the rest of the city is in District 129. For the most part, the ballots are identical, except when it comes to the State Representative category, so any incorrect ballots that have been filled out and filed will only affect that race.

City officials are asking residents to check their ballots for the district number, which is located at the top of the ballot.

In addition, they have released a list of streets, to clarify things further. Anyone who lives on one of the following streets is in District 129:

  • Balsam Drive - All of Balsam Drive
  • Black Bear Road -All of Black Bear Road
  • Crabapple Lane - All of Crabapple Lane
  • Day Road - All from 111 to 518; Even from 2 to 110
  • Deerfield Drive - All of Deerfield Drive
  • Eastern Avenue - Even from 402 to 2000
  • Houston Lane - All of Houston Lane
  • Lambert Road - All of Lambert Road
  • Nature's Way - All of Nature's Way
  • Night Road - All of Night Road
  • North Main Street - All from 1143 to 1278; Odd from 1095 to 1141
  • Pine Valley Way - All of Pine Valley Way
  • Red Pine Road - All of Red Pine Road
  • Ruhlin Way - All of Ruhlin Way
  • Sabine Mill Road - All of Sabine Mill Road
  • Spruce Drive - All of Spruce Drive
  • Sylvan Drive - All of Sylvan Drive
  • White Tail Road- All of White Tail Road
  • Wintergreen Way - All of Wintergreen Way
  • Woodridge Road - All of Woodridge Road
  • Woody Lane - All of Woody Lane

All Brewer streets not included in this list lie in District 128. Residents with questions can call 989-7050.

The ballot drop box at Brewer City Hall has been temporarily removed, to give residents time to check their ballots and avoid the wrong ones being filed. Anyone who has the incorrect ballot can take it to City Hall, where they will exchange it for the correct one.

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