Slugger the Sea Dog, the beloved mascot of the Portland Sea Dogs, has achieved a remarkable milestone in his career. Slugger has been elected to the Mascot Hall of Fame, making him one of only two mascots to be inducted nationally this year. This remarkable achievement marks the first time a minor league sports mascot has been selected for such an honor.

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Slugger tweeted on June 23rd to express his overwhelming gratitude and excitement. He humbly shared, 

"I am incredibly honored, humbled, and privileged to share I have been elected into the Mascot Hall of Fame. A huge THANK YOU to my fans (friends) for all of your support! I share this honor with all of you, the city of Portland, and the state of Maine. Thank you!!!" 

It's clear that Slugger's playful antics and lovable charm have won the hearts of fans near and from away.

Slugger made his debut on May 7, 1994, and has since captured the hearts of countless fans, young and old. With his timeless spirit and mischievous nature, he has delighted spectators by cavorting with umpires, frolicking with enthusiastic supporters, and playfully teasing ball players. Slugger serves as the Sea Dogs' Director of Crowd Entertainment and is undoubtedly one of baseball's hardest-working mascots. Over the years, he has entertained an astonishing 10 million fans since his arrival at Hadlock Field. But Slugger's dedication to spreading joy doesn't end there. When he's not busy entertaining the crowds during the games, he can often be found parading through the streets of our Pine Tree State, paying visits to his friends at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, and engaging in friendly games of baseball with school-aged kids. In fact, in addition to his appearances at the Sea Dogs' 70 home games, Slugger generously makes over 200 community appearances each year.

Slugger's home, Hadlock Field, holds a special place in the hearts of both the mascot and the Portland community. The stadium was opened on April 18, 1994, and was named after Edson Hadlock Jr., who served as the baseball coach at Portland High School from 1950 to 1978. Notably, in 2003, a remarkable likeness of Fenway Park's iconic Green Monster was constructed when the Boston Red Sox became the affiliate of the Sea Dogs. Fondly referred to as the "Maine Monster," the Sea Dogs' outfield has been recognized as one of the most distinctive in Minor League Baseball by At the Yard Magazine.


Joining Slugger in this illustrious recognition was "Otto Orange," the spirited mascot of Syracuse University. The Mascot Hall of Fame, located in Whiting, Indiana, upholds a mission to celebrate outstanding mascot performers and performances in a family-friendly manner.

May his induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame serve as a reminder of the power of a fun-loving spirit and the ability to unite communities through the love of the game.


Congratulations, Slugger! The state of Maine couldn't be prouder of our jolly, exuberant, and now Hall of Fame-worthy mascot.

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